Stress, Anger, and Anxiety Management through REBT in Patients with Arterial Hypertension

filed under h- Edición 2010, Volume 29, N° 43.

Federico Holst Schumacher Diego Quirós Morales Universidad de Iberoamérica, Costa Rica Abstract Hypertension is one of the disorders with the highest incidence worldwide; it is recommended that the psychosocial factors that influence it be managed. In this project we evaluated the implementation of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) on the levels of hypertension, stress, anger,… Read more »

Factors Related to Workplace Stress among Costa Rican Correctional Officers

filed under a- Edición 2017, Volúmen 36, N° 1.

Tatiana María Blanco-Álvarez, MSc., Megan A. Thoen, Ph.D. Texas Tech University, Estados Unidos de América   Abstract The aim of this study was to establish whether a sample of correctional officers in Costa Rica experience workplace stress and if workplace stress is related to the presence of stress, depression, anxiety, burnout and other various personal… Read more »

Bienestar psicológico y ansiedad competitiva: el papel de las estrategias de afrontamiento

filed under 2015 Edition, Volume 34, N° 2.

Competitive Anxiety and Psychological Well-being: the Role of Coping Strategies   Enrique Cantón Chirivella e Irene Checa Esquiva, Universidad de Valencia, Spain María Yolanda Vellisca González, Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain Resumen: El interés por el estudio del bienestar psicológico (Ryff, 1989) y su relación con las estrategias de afrontamiento se ha producido también en el… Read more »