The Revista Costarricense de Psicologia (Costa Rican Journal of Psychology) accepts for publication original and unedited papers, which are not being considered for submission in other publication media. The submission format for papers is in Microsoft Word sent for pre-approval to the Journal's Editor via e-mail (, with a copy to the Director (, observing closely the Journal's paper format criteria

In order to be accepted for the review process (with all submission criteria completed), all authors are asked to submit an academic resume of no more than two pages each. Additionally, the first author submits a signed cover letter addressed to the Journal's director and the Affidavit (complete, print, sign and scan), declaring that the paper is original and unedited, that it fulfills international investigation and ethical standards and is written according to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA, 2010, ). In the cover letter, the first author transfers the copyright to the Journal, this in the event of the paper's acceptance.

Upon completion of all submission criteria, the author will be given a manuscript ID, when the paper is ready to enter into the review process.

The Editorial Board submits the paper to two peer reviewers (double-blind) who help to determine the suitability of the paper in accord with the Journal's objectives. In case of two contradictory dictamina, the Board may ask a third peer for his/her criterion. In the review process, all authors and all reviewers remain anonymously (double-blind). In the case that the dictamen indicates a partial acceptance with a recommendation to restructure the paper, the authors will be given 30 days to return the restructured paper. The Journal will review the restructured paper and within the following three months, the Editorial Board will communicate its acceptance or rejection. The authors have the right to appeal. As considered necessary, the Editorial Board may have the paper reviewed by one or two additional peers. Independent of its acceptance or rejection, the submitted documentation will not be returned.

The paper must be prepared with strict adherence to the recommendations of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA, 2010, ). The order of presentation of the information is as follows: Title page (running head, title, author's byline, date and author note), abstract, corpus of the text, references, appendices, tables, figures, on separate pages and in this order (with just one table or figure per page), and numbered sequentially. The Journal accepts papers with a maximum extent of 30 pages (double-spaced) including references, tables, images, annexes, and so forth, typed on letter-sized paper with margins of at least one inch (2.5 cm), flush-left style alignment, in 12 point Times New Roman font. The title of the paper must contain a maximum of 12 words (no abbreviations) and the abstract (Abstract Guide) between 150 and 250 words typed in a single paragraph, and followed by five to eight keywords. The paper must be prepared carefully and cleanly and in alignment with the APA's guidelines for headers, paragraphs, numbering, tables, abbreviations, orthography, mathematics, statistics and units of measurement, etc. The Journal emphasizes the importance that submitted papers strictly follow the APA's recommendations on text citations, references in the text, and the reference list. For empirical research (quantitative or qualitative), the Journal follows the generic format of the APA: title, abstract and keywords, introduction, method, results, discussion, acknowledgements, references, appendices. In the case of theoretical articles, the journal adheres to the format recommended by the German Society of Psychology (Deutsche Gesellschaft for Psychologie e.V., DGPs, ): title, abstract and keywords, introduction, preface, corpus of the text, topic 1, topic 2, topic n, discussion (optional), references, and appendices. Grammar and sentence constructions intrinsic to the English language must be observed within a proper format.